About us

NGM Supplyline was set up 10 years ago with the view to supply our customers with what they wanted to eat and not what they wanted to pay for.

We soon discovered that Popular product that were close to or past the best before dates were taken of the market and disposed of even though they had not spoiled and tasted as they always do.

We were able to convince the suppliers to sell these to us at a much reduced price, which in turn we then offered these to our customers for up to 75% off the normal retail prices.

After 10 years of successfully supplying 1000's of customers through Ebay and the Local Markets

we are now convinced that what we do, saves people a lot of money and we can offer great products at  a fraction of retail price. We are now able to offer our services  online to give everyone access to what we do.

We guarantee our products  and offer a money back guarantee if you are not happy with what we send you.

We are now being offered products with long best before dates usually because of oversupply issues.  If we can secure products at the right price, these will also be offered at a fraction of normal retail price. We will clearly define in our description what products are past the best before date.